CryptoKami - Decentralized Reserve System

The New 3rd Generation Blockchain Infrastructure for Global Financial Services



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What is Cryptokami?


Compulsory Reserve Mechanism

Cardano open source ( Ouroboros proof of stake algorithm) + Compulsory Reserve Mechanism + Comreme Algorithm ( CryptoKami’s invention) + Regulate Contract ( CryptoKami’s invention ) = 3rd generations blockchain of CryptoKami

While all of the "Blue Chip" such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, Stellar ... are focused on transaction processing, CryptoKami focuses on the automatic regulation of crypto flow in its ecosystem by the Compulsory Reserve mechanism (Comreme Algorithm) via Regulate contract. CryptoKami's technology together with KAMI tokens will reestablish a regulated balance for the crypto market in the Wild-West industry.


Limited supply of 210M KAMI tokens

CryptoKami issues and regulates limited 210M KAMI tokens under Compulsory Reserve Mechanism based on Comreme Algorithm via Regulate Contract, so KAMI tokens SUPPLY decreasingly in future

Massive DEMAND of KAMI token

Next third party Financial ICOs owner and end user as investor, holder, trader, banking services’ user must use KAMI tokens for their needs to use a lot of functions so create massive increasingly DEMAND on KAMI tokens in future


As such, according to the rule of SUPPLY and DEMAND, CryptoKami has created a strong and sustained SELF-GROWTH ENGINE for KAMI tokens in both of short-term, medium and long-term.


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  1. Analysis of the blockchain industry.
  2. R&D; of the global economy base on blockchain infrastructure.
  3. Study of the blockchain of Ethereum, Iota, Cardano, Ripple, Stellar, Neo, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle.
  4. Choose Cardano open source as base.
  5. Two invention of CryptoKami was born - Compulsory Reserve Mechanism base on Comreme Algorithm through Regulate Contract.
  6. Development of system concept and architecture of 3rd blockchain of CryptoKami.
  7. Develop a web platform for users and third party project owners.
  8. Development of Web wallet for receiving investments to our ICO in cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, BCH).
  9. DDOS attack + security protection.
  10. Complete Whitepaper.
January 2018
  1. Begin Develop CryptoKami Blockchain Network ver 1.0.
  2. Build CryptoKami’s developer community.
  3. Find sponsor.
  4. Complete website, landing page.
February 2018
  1. Web wallet complete.
  2. Promotion and bounty program.
  3. Build CryptoKami’s investor community.
  4. Start crowdsale ( ICO ).
March 2018
  1. ICO close.
  2. Test-net launch.
April 2018
  1. List on Coin Directory - Coinmarketcap / List on cryptocurrency exchanges (Cryptopia, YoBit,,, Livecoin, etc...).
  2. Launch CryptoKami Blockchain Network 1.0 Beta (KAMI Blockchain Explorer).
  3. Start KAMI Staking.
May 2018
  1. End user can invest to financial third party that launch ICOs on CryptoKami.
  2. Go live “Blue chip” Coins Futures Contract Trading Exchange under Compulsory Reserve Mechanism base on Comreme Algorithm through Regulate Contract.
  3. Mass marketing campaigns.
  4. iOS/Android wallet launch.
June 2018
  1. Begin Development CryptoKami Blockchain Network ver 2.0.
  2. Go live Cross-chain crypto Exchange under Compulsory Reserve Mechanism base on Comreme Algorithm through Regulate Contract.
August 2018
  1. Issuance of Visa/MasterCard cards for cryptocurrency payments.
  2. Complete API + SDK + Docs for third party financial institutes.
October 2018
  1. Mass marketing campaigns.
  2. Mass media campaigns.
December 2018
  1. List on different exchange.
  2. Go Beta banking services for end user.
January 2019
  1. Run banking services under Compulsory Reserve Mechanism base on Comreme Algorithm through Regulate Contract.
  2. Cryptocurrency deposits.
  3. Cryptocurrency repo credit.
February 2019
  1. Cross-Chain payment.
  2. Crypto-Fiat payment.
  3. CryptoKami 2.0 Beta.
March 2019
  1. Official CryptoKami 2.0 Launching.
  2. Mass media campaigns.
  3. Mass marketing campaigns.

Exchange Listing

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Our rich & easy to learn SDK with detailed documentation
will help you turning your ideas to real products very smoothly

(SAFT - Compliant Token Sale Framework ) for third party called CryptoKami’s Finiancial Institute Alliance (CFIA) conduct their ICOs on CryptoKami platform.




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What is the basic idea behind the CryptoKami blockchain project?

All the main blockchains now focus on transaction processing because they are faster and have lower fees, are more secure, and save energy, among other reasons. But these improved features do not help protect the value of crypto against the rumors and policies of different governments. That is the vulnerability of the current crypto market. Why is this happening? Because cryptocurrencies are currently not regulated scientifically. Hence, CryptoKami was born to create a third-generation blockchain system with the mission of providing an ecosystem infrastructure for third-party financial applications and end-users. This ecosystem creates a real, rich, and powerful use for its crypto, the KAMI token. At the same time, the flow of KAMI tokens in the ecosystem is regulated under the Compulsory Reserve Mechanism based on the Comreme Algorithm (CryptoKami's invention) through the Regulatory Contract (CryptoKami's invention). At this point, CryptoKami releases and regulates KAMI tokens through third-party financial applications that operate on it, operating similarly to the US Federal Reserve (FED) regulating the dollar flowing through commerce banks. When KAMI tokens are put into use and circulation will be protected against rumors and governments’ policies and laws. The flow of KAMI tokens will be automatically regulated so that the supply growth rate is always slower than the demand growth rate, which fully applies the supply and demand rule to affect monetary value. This is the SELF-GROWTH ENGINE of KAMI token to ensure a long-term sustainable growth scenario that is less vulnerable to market rumors, manipulations, policies, and regulation by governments. CryptoKami's invention for end-users, third parties, and the rest of the world leverages the strengths and weaknesses of existing blockchain systems to the market. The cryptocurrency market is now in the early stage and is like the WILD-WEST industry, becoming less vulnerable, creating a more sustainable development, and becoming more prosperous.

Which countries do CryptoKami target?

All countries except those where the ICO Investment Prohibition Act is in effect, such as the United States, South Korea, China, and Canada.

Where are your headquarters located?

Japan, Cyprus and the global Developer Community.

What does CryptoKami offer KAMI tokens holders?

A KAMI staker gets up to 10% per year.

What is the model of CryptoKami? B2B or B2C?

Both B2B and B2C models.

How do I buy or sell a KAMI token?

Buy through a private pre-sale or crowdsale ICO
Sell ​​on crypto exchange after ICO

What is the Comreme Algorithm?

The Comreme Algorithm was invented by CryptoKami. The Compulsory Reserve Mechanism runs on the Comreme Algorithm through the Regulatory Contract (CryptoKami's invention). The Comreme Algorithm combined with the Regulatory Contract is a core technology and key feature of CrytoKami’s third-generation blockchain. This core technology allows automatic regulation of the supply and demand of KAMI tokens circulating on the CryptoKami ecosystem.

Why do you say CryptoKami is the next step of Cardano?

The CryptoKami blockchain is based on Cardano open source. It inherits the advantages of Cardano POS open source in on-chain and cross-chain transaction processing. At the same time, it has developed two inventions to improve and upgrade the Cardano blockchain. This improvement allows the CryptoKami blockchain to further regulate the supply and demand of KAMI tokens circulating in its financial applications ecosystem.

Open-source Cardano (Ouroboros proof of stake algorithm) + compulsory reserve mechanism + Comreme Algorithm (CryptoKami’s invention) + Regulatory Contract (CryptoKami’s invention) = 3rd-generation blockchain infrastructure of CryptoKami

If we invest in today's KAMI tokens, what are their expected future growth in value?

If you want to visualize future value growth charts, you need to know the secrets of currency dominated by trust and the SUPPLY-DEMAND rule (white paper - chapter 6). These massive needs are the drivers of short- and long-term value growth for KAMI tokens. We call it the SELF-GROWTH ENGINE of the KAMI token.

For financial third parties

  • Build and run "Blue-Chip"-Coins Futures Contract Exchange under the Compulsory Reserve Mechanism
  • Build and run a cross-chains Crypto Exchange under the Compulsory Reserve Mechanism
  • Build and run banking services under the Compulsory Reserve Mechanism
    • Crypto deposits
    • Crypto repo credit
    • Cross chain payment
    • Crypto-Fiat payment
For end uses
  • Invest in CryptoKami’s ICO under the Compulsory Reserve Mechanism
  • Invest in the next financial third party that launches ICOs on CryptoKami
  • Trade on CryptoKami’s "Blue-Chip"-Coins Futures Contract Exchange under the Compulsory Reserve Mechanism
  • Trade on CryptoKami’s Cross Chain Crypto Exchange under the Compulsory Reserve Mechanism
  • Staking
  • CryptoKami’s banking services under the Compulsory Reserve Mechanism
    • Crypto deposits
    • Crypto repo credit
    • Cross chain payment
    • Crypto-Fiat payment
Note : The next third party Financial ICOs owners and end users as investors, holders, traders, banking services users must use KAMI tokens for their needs to use a lot of functions and create a massive increasing DEMAND for KAMI tokens. However, the number of KAMI tokens is limited to 210 million and are regulated by Compulsory Reserve Mechanism on every KAMI tokens flow, so the SUPPLY of KAMI tokens decreases. As such, according to the rule of SUPPLY and DEMAND, CryptoKami has created a strong and sustained short-, medium- and long-term SELF-GROWTH ENGINE for KAMI tokens.

Why is it said that the CryptoKami platform with its KAMI tokens will become the fourth wave of the cryptocurrency revolution?

CryptoKami is a Decentralized Reserve System. The CryptoKami platform is now built like the Ethereum but only for financial services organizations who will launch their ICOs and operate based on CryptoKami’s POS blockchain through its cryptocurrency named KAMI tokens. Additionally, CryptoKami operates on its own behalf like the US Federal Reserve (FED) by distributing and regulating the system’s KAMI Tokens based on the principle of the Compulsory Reserve Mechanism (Comreme Algorithm - CryptoKami ‘s invention) through the Regulatory Contract (CryptoKami’s invention) so financial service organizations operate based on CryptoKami platform and act as commercial banks on the system. The CryptoKami platform issues and regulates the limited 210M KAMI tokens under the Compulsory Reserve Mechanism (Comreme Algorithm) through the Regulatory Contract for various needs corresponding to its various main functions. While all the”Blue chip” cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Cardano, Stellar are focused on transaction processing, CryptoKami focuses on the automatic regulation of cryptocurrency flow in its ecosystem by the Compulsory Reserve mechanism (Comreme Algorithm) via the Regulatory ContractContract. CryptoKami's technology and KAMI tokens will reestablish a regulated balance for the cryptocurrency market in the Wild-West industry.

Does technical support respond promptly?

The answer is yes. Our technical support is available 24/7. All issues of investors and partners related to wallets, deposits, transactions, and security will be supported immediately by CryptoKami’s programmers and its developer community.

Where does CryptoKami come from?

We are a group of technology and blockchain professionals and a financial organization from Japan.

Why is the development team anonymous?

Because of its similarity to bitcoin and some other cryptocurrency, the anonymity of development teams, users, and investors will help CryptoKami not to be overridden by different legal barriers between countries. A sustainable, liberal, and democratic action is based on the principle of a decentralized consensus, which brings prosperity to all participants in the CryptoKami ecosystem.

Why was the new CryptoKami domain registered in December 2017?

We started the project in early 2017 with another domain, but we then found that the domain name is more suitable and should change in December 2017.

What are the differences between KAMI and KAMIs?

KAMI token and KAMIs are different .

  • Description of KAMI token is the currency used in the payment of the CryptoKami system ( White paper , chapter 10)

    KAMI (Kami Token) is standalone Blockchain Token and an open protocol for decentralized exchanges. It is intended to serve as a basic building block that can be combined with other protocols for increasingly sophisticated control. It allows KAMI Token owners to diversify their portfolio by accessing tags related to the price of the property. KAMI Token allows property owners to unlock valuable assets by creating and selling or borrowing their property cards. The platform extends the liquidity and transparency of assets and reduced transaction costs. Provides the owner of the KAMI Token detection and price diversity across multiple asset classes as it allows the creation or posting of third-party notifier in accordance with the disclosure and management regulations, and contract of KAMI Token .

  • Description of KAMIs ( White paper chapter 17 )
  1. If the system uses only KAMI tokens for the bounty program, inflation will increase; therefore, KAMIs was developed for the bounty program to eliminate inflation.
  2. Similar dividends for preferred shares; dividends calculated according to proportion, no right to vote in the executive vote
  3. Payment every quarter (may be shorter if KAMI is discounted)
  4. 1 billion KAMIs, which is equivalent to a 20% stake (4 blocks)
  5. The right to vote, the opinion for a problem that KAMI project needs (market research information,..) - use KAMIs to give effective opinions, high number of votes will be rewarded KAMIs.
  6. Introduce, connect, and the develop ecosystem. One part of future blockchain community relationships & foundations, such as partners, the developer team, and startup which have good idea to invest. The leader uses KAMIs to propose; if the KAMI team sees their potential, then they will reward KAMIs with a relative budget in terms of the stage value, the proposals are not selected minus a fee.
  7. Owners of KAMIs have a leader account, and a leader account has more functions than an investor: development of the information gateway, direct exchange and negotiation, and appearance of the social network development interface.
  8. Stake KAMI -> KAMI & KAMIs, KAMIs can be exchange between accounts.
  9. Use the number of KAMIs held to measure the leader's performance and credibility for further classification and benefits if available to long-term investors.
  10. Using KAMIs to purchase a Regulatory Contract to support the next ICO outside of KAMI is mandatory as a agreement from community outside KAMI means there is a transfer of benefits from KAMIs to another ICO token unity. For example, Mr. A. wants to organize next ICO , he need a package of Regulatory Contract basis called Atoken (crypto) and Atokens (token consensus unity) cost 1000KAMI +> 1000KAMIs, Mr. A. can buy 1000 KAMI from 900 KAMIs requiring mandatory community contributions equivalent to 1 / x of unoccupied tokens, i.e.> 900 KAMIs that convert token equivalents via the token. Unity Atokens by his next ICO. This is the shift of interests as well as support, review from the community as a child ico, if cannot complete the above clearly or the policy and marketing capabilities of A is too weak, there’s no basis for the next ICO release.

Token KAMIs

  1. 1 billion tokens equivalent to 20% dividend preference shares
  2. Circulating Supply includes:
  • 250 millions KAMIs corresponding to the first 20 rounds
  • Bounty when developing social media community
  • Stake KAMI to earn KAMI & KAMIs