Dear Contributors,

This statement is intended to help the Supporters and Contributors better understand the role and value of the KAMI and KAMIs tokens on the CryptoKami blockchain system and on the global cryptocurrency market.

If you have owned or prepared to own KAMI Tokens and KAMIs Tokens, appreciate the value of its use and consider it as your long term investment.

Although Warren Buffett is not a supporter of cryptocurrency, but his investment views are still meaningful in this market “Invest in value , buy and hold”.

We, the CryptoKami team do not encourage you to invest in KAMI Tokens and KAMIs Tokens to make a profit in the short term, please support and accompany us on the long way to conquer the challenges of the blockchain industry.

Hold KAMI and KAMIs as long as possible. CryptoKami’s vision, mission are combined with strong long time support of developer and contributor community world wide. KAMI and KAMIs will step by step affect and re-balance the global Crypto market.

Your choice, faith,long time vision and patience will be rewarded in the long run. Learn more below please.

• The KAMI Token and KAMIs Token are the basis pairs of protocols of CryptoKami’s 3rd generation blockchain infrastructure.

• KAMI is a utility token, using payment in and out of the ecosystem. The value of time and frequency useful will be generated into this token.

• Maximum 210 million KAMI Tokens will be issued.

• KAMIs is a tokenized stock of founding shareholders which combines the best in shares and tokens. 

CryptoKami’s annual profit is generated into this token. KAMIs Tokens are issued as founding shareholders so that they do not conflict with Regulation D of the US Securities Act of 1933.

• Maximum 5 billions of KAMIs tokens will be issued.

• The KAMI Token and KAMIs Token are the protocols and standards for the issuance of the A token and As tokens of the third-party application named A on the CryptoKami blockchain. (A is the name of the example).

KAMI Tokens and KAMIs Tokens with A token and As token are dependencies based on the Comreme Algorithm via Regulate Contract (which is an important inventions of CryptoKami that is different from other existing blockchain systems on the market — Examples ETH with ERC-20 tokens are independent. So KAMI have high power than ETH ). CryptoKami directly regulates the tokens released on its system through this dependency.

KAMI Tokens and KAMIs Tokens are the regulator token pair (You will see the value will be accrued to KAMI and KAMIs based on this feature).

• All 3rd party applications require that token pair of protocols.

• All end users using CryptoKami services or 3rd applications need KAMI Tokens.

• When you contribute to projects that implement KAICO on CryptoKami’s ICO platform, you will need KAMI Tokens. (The next example, if you contribute to FUTEX.IO — World first KAICO on CryptoKami — you will need to KAMI Token).

• Next KAICO project owners, investors, holders, traders and banking services users must use KAMI Tokens for their needs when using various functions, which will create a massive increase in the DEMAND for KAMI Tokens. KAMI Tokens is limited to 210 million tokens, they are regulated by the Compulsory Reserve Mechanism on every KAMI Tokens flow corresponding to various functions, so the KAMI Tokens SUPPLY decreases. As such, according to the rule of SUPPLY and DEMAND, CryptoKami has created a strong and sustained short, medium- and long-term SELF-GROWTH ENGINE for KAMI tokens.

KAMI Token is broken down into units for convenience in micro transactions.

• 1 KAMI = 1000 KAI.

• End users will receive annual profits if they hold KAMIs Token.


Be aware of all the features and useful values in KAMI Tokens (1 KAMI = 1000 KAI).

Take note that CryptoKami’s annual profit is generated into KAMIs Tokens.

Take note of the core technology built into CryptoKami’s two basis tokens.

Which currency or assets are useful and have a strong influence on the entire market and industry, so the consequence is that the currency and assets will be valued in the long run regardless of the changes or up and down of the market.

Please respect and invest in the core technology and value of using of KAMI and KAMIs Tokens. Buy and hold it as long as you can.


Hiroshi Kobayashi.

CryptoKami Team Leader.

About CryptoKami.

CryptoKami is a Decentralized Reserve System and The New 3rd Generation Blockchain Infrastructure for Global Financial Services

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